Jemima’s Hospitality Guest House


Jemima’s Hospitality 4 Star Guest Lodge is situated in the upmarket suburb of Bunkers Hill. We are 20 minutes away from the airport and conveniently located close to the East London Golf Club and the beach front. We offer separate entrances, on site parking and all the facilities you would expect from a 4 star establishment.

When it comes to four star East London Accommodation, then Jemima’s Hospitality’s Guest Lodge is an absolute must. Situated in East London’s prestigious suburb of Bunkers Hill, Jemima’s is in close proximity to the sea, the East London Golf Course, other sporting facilities such as softball, cricket stadium and hockey astro turf, the top schools and East London’s top restaurants. Although East London is known as the 15 minute city because of it’s relatively small size it is also a city of contrasts. At Jemima’s you are assured of your exclusivity and yet are close to the action as well.

Jemima’s Hospitality Guest House offers two conference facilities.


The first situated at the guest house accommodates 28 people with comfort and the second which is situated off site accommodates 20 delegates school room style. Both facilities come complete with data projectors, sound systems, flip charts and catering packages. In a addition Jemimas Hospitality offers rooms for your delegates to stay over if necessary.

These conference facilities are ideal for board meetings, strategic planning sessions or workshops.

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