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Unlike most other South African Solar companies that started out as plumbing companies, and through their plumbing background started installing solar geysers, and thus leading them into the solar electricity world, Out the Green Box started the other way around. Out the Green Box was born from Eya-Bantu Consulting Engineers who have been involved in electrical designing and commissioning for Eskom, municipalities and of late renewable utility sized solar and wind farms. Eya-Bantu have actually been instrumental in the commissioning of 14 of South Africa’s Independent Power Producer’s plants (wind farms and solar farms). This led the owners of Eya-Bantu to realize that there is a need for a new entity that will be focusing solely on renewable energy projects, from small to large, and hence was born Out the Green Box. A company of Electrical Engineers focusing on designing and installing properly sized and specified renewable solutions for domestic and commercial applications.


Building blocks

Solar energy technologies ten years ago were expensive and far less effective than they are today. So, Out the Green Box has created solutions that enable homeowners and businesses to save on electricity usage during the day, and be load-shed-proof when Eskom fails, and because we are Electrical Engineers that understand the dynamics of electricity and the importance of correctly sized systems, we have developed a modular or phased approach to implementing these solutions in order to lessen the financial blow and making these solutions much more affordable.

“What we learned was that each person or business has a different reason – and a different budget – for using alternative energy options,”

“The great thing about renewable energy technology, though, is that it’s modular. Each component, like an inverter, a battery, or a solar panel is a building block. So, you can, quite literally, build from scratch the most suitable solution for each client’s price range and applications – and you can scale up easily. You don’t have to go big at the beginning. You can start with the basics and add on as you can afford to.”


The only renewable offering of its kind

This understanding along with the experience our engineers have gathered over the years of the component parts of renewable energy, adjusting continuously to the evolution of the technology, now makes Out The Green Box one of the very few renewable energy suppliers to offer modular solutions. Our company is therefore able to take the risk and the complexity out of moving from conventional to renewable energy solutions.

In addition, Out The Green Box uses only products manufactured in South Africa, often to its own design and specifications. This ensures the sustainability of the local renewable energy industry as well as the sustainability of the environment.

Local supply also ensures that turnaround times on turnkey installations as well as maintenance, and repairs are far shorter than the industry average.



Through the partnership with sister company Eya-Bantu, Out The Green Box will work with landowners, project developers, technology providers, regulators, and investors to source and develop renewable energy projects in South Africa and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

Out The Green Box will act as the project interface, co-ordinating research, site identification, project structure, environmental impact assessments, the selection of strategic partners, funding, and bidding under the REIPPP. It will also manage projects until commissioning and handover is achieved. The company can then provide maintenance services.

Out The Green Box is associated with and therefore has access to the only other current license from the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) and is therefore able to buy and sell renewable energy in the form of ‘wheeling’ (willing buyer, willing seller) agreements.

“Our objective is to become one of the largest absolute, holistic, turnkey renewable energy and sustainability companies in Africa,”

Out The Green Box is headquartered in East London in the Eastern Cape and has branches in Port Elizabeth and George, and will soon be expanding to the mother city, Cape Town.